Hollister High School

1220 Monterey Street
Hollister, CA 95023

Click HERE for full registration instructions. Click CONTINUE above to proceed to your home page.  

Instructions: from your parent homescreen (which you be taken to next) you will first click the "Add Member" button under your name on the left to add your athlete(s) to your account. After adding, click on your athlete's name to go to their homepage, which is where you will complete all athlete forms. First, click on blue "Join Teams" tab, and select the ALL ATHLETES team only. Your athlete will be placed on their team later by San Benito HS athletic department staff after receiving the team roster from the coach.  Next you will click and complete the "Personal Details" section. Then you will complete all forms, beginning with "Sports Physical Form". Upon completing this form, click "Submit" at the bottom, and click "Sign" on the resulting pop-up. You will be taken to a screen where you will create your E-signature. You only need to create this once. After creating, click on the initial form again from your home screen to apply it. You may also click the button next to: "Do you wish to sign on behalf of your athlete?" You may then create and apply your athlete's E-signature on their behalf. 

Before going to the doctor's for your physical, click the blue Print button on your athlete's home screen. Then click PRINT next to the Sports Physical Form. The form you print will include the answers you provided in Privit and the blank spaces to be completed by the doctor. Once completed and signed, upload the Sports Physical Form only to your athlete's account. You may open Privit with your mobile device, access the San Benito HS Privit site through your browser (or by using "Find My Organization" on the privit.com website), log into your account, then within your athlete's home screen click on the Upload tab, then select "camera" and use your mobile device camera to take a picture. After adding the picture, in the Document Category select "Sports Physical Form (Signed)", then click on the blue UPLOAD button.